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1 A Multi-Regional Input–Output Model to Measure the Spatial Spillover of R&D Capital Sustainability 王春云,邢森玉(学),徐丽笑(外) 王春云 SSCI 2023 15(14)
2 The asymmetric effects of extreme climate risk perception on coal futures return dynamics: evidence from nonparametric causality-in-quantiles tests Sustainability 高旺(外),韦佳佳,杨仕雄(外) 高旺 SSCI 2023 15(10)
3 How Commuting Time Affects Employees’ Income in China’s Urbanization Process sustainability 韦佳佳,王琪延(外),高旺(外) 韦佳佳 SSCI 2023 14(23)
4 Interaction Behaviors Between Solitons, Breathers and Their Hybrid Forms for a Short Pulse Equation QUALITATIVE THEORY OF DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS 马玉兰,李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2023 22
5 Subgroup analysis using Bernoulli-gated hierarchical mixtures of experts models Statistics in Medicine 李伟(外),罗姗姗,何洋波(外),耿直 李伟 SCIE 2023 42(26)
6 Phase transition from soliton to breather, soliton-breather molecules, breather molecules of the Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equation PHYSICS LETTERS A 马玉兰,Wazwaz, Abdul-Majid(外),李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2023 488
7 Parameter-dependent multiplicity results of sign-changing solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations Communications in Contemporary Mathematics 靖永涛,刘兆理(外),Zhi-Qiang Wang(外) 靖永涛 SCIE 2023 25(9)
8 Soliton resonances, soliton molecules, soliton oscillations and heterotypic solitons for the nonlinear Maccari system NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 马玉兰,Wazwaz, Abdul-Majid(外),李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2023 111
9 Double-pole unsplit complex-frequency-shifted multiaxial perfectly matched layer combined with strong-stability-preserved Runge-Kutta time discretization for seismic wave equation based on the discontinuous Galerkin method Geophysics 黄建东(外),杨顶辉(外),贺茜君,Sui,Jingkun(外),Liang, Shanglin(外) 黄建东 SCIE 2023 88(5)
10 General fluctuation-dissipation relations embedded in Markov switching diffusion processes Physica Scripta 王家赠,Shu Ma(学) 王家赠 SCIE 2023 98(10)
11 Existence of Solutions for Biharmonic Equations on Conical Singular Manifolds JOURNAL OF GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS 张伟,Jialing Zhang(外) 张伟 SCIE 2023 33(10)
12 Edge-Diameter of a Graph and Its Longest Cycles Graphs and Combinatorics 张雷(外),熊黎明(外),涂建华 张雷 SCIE 2023 39(5)
13 Statistical inference on the significance of rows and columns for matrix-valued data in an additive model TEST 刘秀敏,牛璐(外),赵俊龙(外) 刘秀敏 SCIE 2023 32
14 Application of an Optimal Control Therapeutic Approach for the Memory-Regulated Infection Mechanism of Leprosy through Caputo–Fabrizio Fractional Derivative Mathematics 曹显兵,Ghosh, Salil(外),Rana, Sourav(外),Bose, Homagnic(外),Roy, Priti Kumar(外) 曹显兵 SCIE 2023 11
15 Blowup of solutions for a transport equation with nonlocal velocity and damping JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS LI YOU(外),刘艳楠,zhang wanwan(外) LI YOU SCIE 2023 64(9)
16 Integral inequalities with an extended Poisson kernel and the existence of the extremals Advanced Nonlinear Studies 陶春霞,Yike Wang(外) 陶春霞 SCIE 2023 23(1)
17 Does the dual circulation coupling synergy facilitate firm survival?--Evidence from China PLoS ONE 冉莉君(学),李鑫,王康,刘慧慧(学) 冉莉君 SCIE 2023 18(8)
18 Novel optical soliton structures for a defocusing Lakshmanan-Porsezian-Daniel optical system OPTIK 马玉兰,李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2023 284
19 Multiple Periodic Solutions of Nonautonomous Delay Differential Equations INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIFURCATION AND CHAOS 李霖,葛渭高(外) 李霖 SCIE 2023 33
20 Probabilistic human health risk assessment of trace elements exposure in crayfish Journal of Food Composition and Analysis Shi mengchen(学),CHu Qi (学),王学丽 Shi mengchen SCIE 2023 121
21 Maximum dissociation sets in subcubic trees Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 张雷(外),涂建华,辛春林(外) 张雷 SCIE 2023 46(1)
22 Low- and High-Order Unsplit ADE CFS-PML Boundary Conditions With Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Wavefield Simulation in Multiporosity Media IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING 黄建东(外),杨顶辉(外),贺茜君,温瑨(外),Sui,Jingkun(外) 黄建东 SCIE 2023 61
23 Response to multiplicative noise: the cross-spectrum of membrane voltage fluctuation and voltage-independent conductance noise PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 王家赠,Shu Ma(学),季语,孙琪 王家赠 SCIE 2023 622
24 Dynamics of soliton resonances and soliton moleculesfor the AB system in two-layer fluids NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 马玉兰,李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2023 111
25 A preconditioning method with auxiliary crack tip subproblems for dynamic crack propagation based on XFEM Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg. Wei Tian(外),陈星玎,Jingjing Huang(外),Rongliang Chen(外) Wei Tian SCIE 2023 412
26 Ground state solutions for linearly coupled elliptic systems with combined Sobolev critical terms ANALYSIS AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS 田如顺(外),赵雷嘎 田如顺 SCIE 2023 13(3)
27 A Matching-Strategy-Inspired Preconditioning for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems Mathematics 王超杰,陈婕(学),孙舒恩(学) 王超杰 SCIE 2023 11(12)
28 Wavefield simulation with the discontinuous Galerkin method for a poroelastic wave equation in triple-porosity media Geophysics 黄建东(外),杨顶辉(外),贺茜君,常芸凡(外) 黄建东 SCIE 2023 88(3)
29 Positive Solutions with High Energy for Fractional Schrodinger Equations ACTA MATHEMATICA SCIENTIA 郭青(外),赵雷嘎 郭青 SCIE 2023 43(3)
30 Earthquake magnitude prediction using a VMD-BP neural network model NATURAL HAZARDS 张家琪(学),贺茜君 张家琪 SCIE 2023 117 (1)
31 Geodesic Affinity Propagation Clustering Based on Angle-Based Outlier Factor IEEE ACCESS 王超杰,鞠佳琪(学) 王超杰 SCIE 2023 11
32 Maximizing the number of independent sets in claw-free cubic graphs Applied Mathematics and Computation 肖珺怡(外),涂建华 肖珺怡 SCIE 2023 444
33 Hayman Theorem in R+n+1 with the CliffordAnalysis Setting Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras 张艳慧,温伟(学),Kit Ian Kou(外) 张艳慧 SCIE 2023 33(2)
34 Solving elastic wave equations in 2D transversely isotropic media by a weighted Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method Petroleum Science 贺茜君,李静爽(外),黄雪源,周艳杰 贺茜君 SCIE 2023 20(2)
35 A modified symplectic discontinuous Galerkin method for acoustic and elastic wave simulations FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE 贺茜君,张家琪(学),孙建强(外),黄雪源,周艳杰 贺茜君 SCIE 2023 11(1)
36 Causal discovery of 1-factor measurement models in linear latent variable models with arbitrary noise distributions Neurocomputing 谢峰,曾艳,陈正鸣(外),何洋波(外),耿直,Kun Zhang(外) 谢峰 SCIE 2023 526
37 Bayesian inference of heavy metals exposure in crayfish for assessing human non–carcinogenic health risk Food and Chemical Toxicology Chu Qi(学),YIng Li (学),王学丽 Chu Qi SCIE 2023 173
38 Fusion of Multiple Models for Improving Gross Primary Production Estimation With Eddy Covariance Data Based on Machine Learning Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences Zhenkun Tian(外),Chuixiang Yi(外),傅莺莺,Eric Kutter(外),Nir Y. Krakauer(外),Wei Fang(外),Qin Zhang(外),Hui Luo(外) Zhenkun Tian SCIE 2023 128(3)
39 Unified entropy entanglement with tighter constraints on multipartite systems Chinese physics B 孙琪,李陶,靳志祥(外),梁登峰 孙琪 SCIE 2023 32(3)
40 Modeling 3-D Elastic Wave Propagation in TI Media Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method on Tetrahedral Meshes IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING 贺茜君,杨顶辉(外),黄建东(外),黄雪源 贺茜君 SCIE 2023 61(1)
41 Counting the number of dissociation sets in cubic graphs AIMS Mathematics 涂建华,肖珺怡(外),郎荣玲(外) 涂建华 SCIE 2023 8(5)
42 Multiple nontrivial solutions of superlinear fractional Laplace equations without (AR) condition ADVANCES IN NONLINEAR ANALYSIS 赵雷嘎,蔡宏睿(外),陈宇彤(外) 赵雷嘎 SCIE 2023 12(1)
43 On the structural stability for two-point boundary value problems of undamped fuzzy differential equations Fuzzy Sets and Systems 戴睿,陈明浩(外) 戴睿 SCIE 2023 453
44 Soliton resonances for a transient stimulated Raman scattering system NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 马玉兰,李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2023 111
45 A Carleson problem for the Boussinesq operator Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series 李丹,李俊峰(外) 李丹 SCIE 2023 39(1)
46 Entropy Graph Homomorphisms and Dissociation Sets Entropy 王子源(学),涂建华,郎荣玲(外) 王子源 SCIE 2023 25
47 Wavefield separation algorithm of Helmholtz theory-based discontinuous Galerkin method using unstructured meshes on GPU IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING 黄建东(外),杨顶辉(外),贺茜君 黄建东 SCIE 2023 61(1)
48 Multigrid Method for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems Based on Newton Iteration Journal of Scientific Computing 徐飞(外),谢满庭(外),岳美玲 徐飞 SCIE 2023 94(2)
49 The uncertainty relation for quantum channels based on skew information QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING Nan Zhou(外),Ming-Jing Zhao(外),Zhen Wang(外),李陶 Nan Zhou SCIE 2023 22(1)
50 Full-waveform inversion based on deep learning and the Temporal Modified and Spatial Optimized Symplectic Partitioned Runge–Kutta method Journal of Seismic Exploration 王晨光(学),周艳杰,贺茜君,黄雪源,卢凡(学) 王晨光 SCIE 2023 31(6)
51 Convergence and optimality of adaptive multigrid method for multiple eigenvalue problems Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 徐飞(外),谢满庭(外),黄秋梅(外),岳美玲,马洪坤(外) 徐飞 SCIE 2023 415
52 Generating hard satisfiable instances by planting into random constraint satisfaction problem model with growing constraint scope length PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 徐伟(外),Zhe Zhang(外),周广艳 徐伟 SCIE 2023 609
53 Relationships between Perturbations of a Linear Relation and Its Operator Part Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society 徐桂馨,章梅荣(外) 徐桂馨 SCIE 2023 2022
54 Existence and asymptotic behavior of solutions for a Schrödinger-Born-Infeld system in R3 with a general nonlinearity Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 李安然(外),魏重庆(外),赵雷嘎 李安然 SCIE 2023 516
55 Optimal global regularity for minimal graphs over convex domains in hyperbolic space Frontiers of Mathematics in China 李游(学),刘艳楠 李游 SCIE 2023 17(5)
56 Aerodynamic Noise Prediction and Control Based on Impedance Boundary Condition 2023 42nd Chinese Control Conference (CCC) 丛薪蓉,张淑侠(外) 丛薪蓉 EI 2023
57 中国地区间收入差距到底有多大: 基于随机方法的地区购买力平价测度 中国软科学 赵江,于小茜(学),王春云 赵江 CSSCI,CSCD 2023 6
58 数字技术能提升企业业绩吗?——来自中关村海淀科技园的微观证据 科研管理 杨思远(外),王康 杨思远 CSSCI 2023 44(1)
59 Hardy空间中调和函数的分解 数学学报 张艳慧,钱涛(外) 张艳慧 CSCD 2023 66(3)
60 运筹学教学的课程思政探索与实践 教育进展 李阳 李阳 CSCD 2023 13(1)
61 关联规则挖掘中闭频繁项集的理解与探索 应用数学进展 万鑫(学),张慧娜(学),李裕梅,王鑫 万鑫
2023 12(11)
62 高等数学课程中融入思政要素的思考 当代教育实践与教学研究 王丽娜,季语 王丽娜
2023 8
63 中国分行业全要素生产率变动及其增长动能 统计学 王春云,邢森玉(学) 王春云
2023 4(4)
64 玻璃文物的类别鉴定与亚类划分 应用数学进展 徐美萍,王行修(学),江萌萌(学),乔斯昱(学),由云川(学) 徐美萍
2023 12(7)
65 基于因子分析与定序Logistic回归的RIO鸡尾酒消费群体分类与满意度分析 数据挖掘 王行修(学),徐美萍 王行修
2023 13(3)
2023 28(7)
67 高等继续教育学员工作、学习与生活探析——基于生活时间分配视角 中国成人教育 韦佳佳,王琪延(外) 韦佳佳
2023 4
68 新形势下《概率论与数理统计》的改革与实践--以北京工商大学为例 教育进展 梁登峰,曹显兵,李陶 梁登峰
2023 13(3)
69 课程思政理念下概率论与数理统计的 改革与实践 教育进展 梁登峰,曹显兵 梁登峰
2023 13(1)